things to consider:

Does your organization currently need to track Hours of Service for your fleet?

Are you concerned about the latest ruling on Hours of Service?

Do your drivers misrepresent their drive time on log books or still use paper logs?

Do you need to equip part of your fleet with trucks weighing greater than 10K lbs?

Who must comply?

Q & A

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Are we FMCSA Compliant?

There’s really no such thing as FMCSA Compliant yet because the FMCSA hasn’t finalized their requirements yet. We are 100% AOBR compliant, which is good until December 2019 although we will be ELD ready before Dec 2017. Those that purchase today should only experience over- the-air updates to their solution. Some of our competitors are submitting as self-certified but they are not 100% compliant - there is no way they can test their product fully until the FMCSA is ready. It is up to each vendor to self-register their compliance - but we want to be confident we understand the risks and impacts first.

AOBRD Certification

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Is it easy to use?

Can your drivers become familiar with it quickly?

Is there sufficient support and training materials?

Is it certified?

Is it registered on FMCSA’s Portal, displaying version & software?

Can the system offer easy access to 6 months data?

Can the system provide other values beside compliance?

Monitor other safety factors and driving behavior

Monitor fuel utilization, data for fuel tax report and information on excessive idling

Provide vehicle health data

Navigation and scheduling/dispatch


why use fieldmaster logs?

  • 14.8% of HOS violations are the result of how drivers enter information into their logs. FieldMaster Logs also makes it easy to complete driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), which ensure vehicles are safe to operate and compliant with strict Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. The DVIR tool quickly walks drivers through a checklist before taking the vehicle on the road to ensure tires, brakes, mirrors and other vehicle parts are functioning properly.
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